After 80, 90, between the wei yu that need to look like?
2015-08-05 15:08:51

After 80, 90, between the wei yu that need to look like?

After 80, 90 is no longer a teenager, mostly turn 30.

About them, or about us, have such a set of keywords:

Hard, strong, chasing dreams. Brave, fearless, and life shine; Nostalgia, nostalgia, a child; Make public, independent; Slave, early education, to give the baby the best; I work my boss.

These keywords are pointing in the same sentence: after 80, 90 people in the pursuit of a better life, of course, everyone has their favorite life between wei yu.

Recently, "dad came in the second quarter, 80 between the wei yu that smile after exposure, as many as dozens of square meters of area, steam room, massage bathtub, there are large bathroom cabinet, wash gargle, yan very much of the same age. After 80 is no longer a teenager, mostly turn 30.

In fact, between the wei yu that national dads don't important, is true of their own.

The question, after 80 to want between the wei yu that look like?

Related to what decorate a budget

Later than after 60, 70, 70, 90, after more know how to enjoy, well-informed, rich knowledge, to the life, the bathroom is more exquisite.

Have in common is that after the 80, 90, friends will like big wei yu, intelligent sanitary equipment, such as a full range of law biya steam room, massage bathtub, and can help wipe a smart toilet.

It's like how much money, how much about decorating a budget, established after 80, wei yu would become Bai Fu beauty or Grosvenor LTD handsome. Space is large, is worth others home sitting room, a toilet and bathroom equipment, massage, wet steam, everything all has; The cost of the design is very beautiful, please designers could catch up with others a few month.

After the 80, 90, the middle class room area is not so big, mostly a dozen square meters between wei yu, tub, sit implement, shower, wash basin, wash gargle, mirrors, metal accessories, these basic things is complete. Have a quality, cost-effective, will be enough.

Grade, quality, beautiful, one can't be little.

Rich second generation after 80, the officer the second generation, as well as a new generation, such as car the founder of the family of li xiang, worth several hundred million, also gather beauty is superior, the boss of the Chen, for example, several billion worth, of course, the smile that is worth tens of millions of stars.

Although they are local tyrants in wealth, but the head is not lack of knowledge, common in the world, even if it is a set of toilet, also pay attention to its scale, quality, and degree of good-looking appearance, one can't be little.

So, especially after has already stepped into the middle of 80, how do they, although money is not much, can't level with local tyrants peers, but the requirement is no discount, the demands of life never ambiguous.

So now, many brands, such as law biya such a role, will put clean do very durable, the introduction of brand design, intelligent, class is high, is to meet these critical friends.

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