The bathroom decorate personalized
2015-08-05 16:08:10
The bathroom is the most Home Furnishing function area, is the so-called private, lengnuanzizhi, OK also only oneself know. Here to focus on the small series is to focus on the renovation of the bathroom, collocation, respectively, wet and dry partition, hand washing plate modeling, storage design, especially in small units and family home with the elderly, the more attention in this regard

1, dry wet partition design

Solution: shower, heightening floor, wall collocation
Note: to avoid increasing the visual burden
Dry and wet partition as the most pressing bathroom design. Indeed, especially for the bathroom is not very ventilation, so the dry wet partition should be how to do it?
Dry wet partition shower
Compared to the bathtub, shower room will be more suitable for small family bathroom, more convenient for the use of the whole family, but not for a small area to add a visual burden.
Floor design

Heightening the details, let dry wet partition sanitary level more clear, a decrease of dry moisture content of the area, while the pipeline to hide. But there is an old man in the house to pay attention, to avoid the height of the ground floor, especially the bathroom is relatively wet.
Collocation wall design
Bathroom is not certain to cool black, white and grey, like the simple design, you can also use a ceramic tile embellishment, not very complex, mosaic of horizontal stripes have personality to pass out, make the bathroom space a rich sense of the overall aesthetic and design.
Close design of anti splash and moisture

Move the hand to move a little bit, use the time to bend down the angle will be small, relatively comfortable many, but also can achieve the opportunity to reduce the water base.
Wall design more space saving
Hanging wall mounted on the face basin is to save space. And design and wall of this arc fusion as a whole, and extended to the toilet above, an increase of place small items of design, maximize the use of space.
After placing assured utility
Storage cabinet to be classified clearly, the hidden to hide, but also should have the space to place, can be in the bathroom cabinet to increase the storage rack and hook, convenient for different users of goods classification, large capacity storage should be good use.

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