Bathroom collocation
2015-08-05 16:08:25

Choose what kind of bathroom style generally according to the color of the background of the bathroom to decide, to choose a suitable background.

Ingenious bathroom collocation, even some tiles will reflect your favorite style. Now small for you provided simple tips:
Wash basin background tile chose and subject to monotonic white not the same color and lines, so that the bathroom had a collision region.

If you prefer a dazzling style so need not be limited to simple wooden washing basin, as far as can choose such a backdrop to the bathroom Ambilight. In particular, the butterfly on the window of life like the feeling, let the bathroom vivid.
The background and the washing basin surface in the same color because of differences in design contrast, give a person with contrast. The idea of setting the legs of the table is very novel.

The use of materials and decoration of the bathroom mirror on the wall background makes the choice was strong in the retro white bathroom inside soft. On both sides of the basin and the mirror appears to be symmetrical and asymmetrical design personality.
Don't be afraid to use bright colors, the color of the rear bathroom decoration bathroom use is good. Some bright yellow makes too much of a modern too heavy a bath with some more playful

To tile decoration planning out of the sink area, and the background can be more than just a wall, extending to the floor is not very solid! Get along well with the bathroom glass color and texture, reflecting the infinite mood. This artistic sense of decoration and the modern sense of the design of the bathroom. Like what kind of style can freely imagine heartily, learn to do collocation masters, enjoy inner joy.

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